Re-Fix and Straighten

Watson Memorials provides a professional re-fixing and straightening service for all styles of Headstones, Memorials and Gravestones.

Re-fix or Straighten?

There is one significant difference between the need to straighten a Headstone, Memorial or Gravestone and the need to Re-fix one, stability. The stability of the Headstone, Memorial or Gravestone is down to its fixing methods and their current state.

Straightening a Headstone

This is required when the fixings are in their original state but the Headstone is leaning in a particular direction causing it to look un-level. This can happen to even the smallest memorial vase as most gravestones are fitted on soil that is likely to settle and move over time.

Re-fixing a Headstone

As an opposite to the above, re-fixing a headstone is required when its fixings are no longer in an adequate state. Watson Memorials is experienced is re-fixing all styles of Headstones, Memorials and Gravestones.

If you feel the above do not match your requirements please call to discuss your specific memorial in more detail.