Adding Additional Wording To A Headstone or Memorial

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Do You Require More Wording Adding To A Memorial?

Memorials and Headstones often have space for more lettering to be added under or next to the original.

At Watson Memorials, we have a comprehensive process to match existing lettering styles, even if the original inscription was hand cut or machine cut.

Overview Of The Process

There is a standard process we follow when quoting for adding further wording to a memorial or headstone, a simple breakdown is below.

  1. Details of existing memorial and proposed wording provided to Watson Memorials
  2. If an image is provided, we can quote by email within 48 hours. In the case that an image can't be provided, we will take the time to visit the memorial and reply with a quote once we have he necessary details.
  3. Should you choose to proceed with the quote, any further details needed are collected and then the relevant paperwork is completed. This typically consists of a Watson Memorials Order Form and the relevant Council or Church Application Form.
  4. Once we receive the completed forms back, we will forward the Council or Churchyard Application Form on as needed and await approval.
  5. After we receive approval we can then organise the collection of the memorial and take it back to our workshops for lettering.
  6. Following the required works being completed in the workshop, a photo of the memorial will sent to you showing the wording that has been added and any restorations that were completed at the same time. This is accompanied by the invoice for the works.
  7. Once the payment is made, we then organise the re-fitting of the memorial.

The above is a guide to most processes however, there are times when the above will not be suitable and we will contact you to explain any differences so you are fully aware of what is required to complete any work on an existing memorial.

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