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Providing Professional Cleaning, Restoration, Re-fixing and Straightening for all styles of Headstones, Memorials and Gravestones.

Icon to illustrate the straightening and re-fixing of a Headstone or Memorial

Re-Fixing &

From time to time memorials of all sizes can have the need to be straightened. This is usually due to soil settlement and requires very little adjustment. There are of course times when older fixing methods have become loose and the memorial needs further work. Watson Memorials can take care of all the re-fixing on site and update all the fixing methods as required.

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Re-Painting &

Due to memorials being exposed to all weather conditions, as well as in some cases collecting sap from trees and sediment in rain, there is often a time when the engraved lettering on the memorial, if painted or gilded, can become discoloured or even begin to chip away. Watson Memorials can certainly rejuvenate the lettering back to its original state.

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Icon to illustrate the re-painting and re-gilding of a Headstone or Memorial
Icon to illustrate the cleaning and restoration of a Headstone or Memorial

Cleaning &

As Memorials age they can become discoloured and weathered. This has varying degrees of severity and is mainly effected by the material used to make the Headstone, Memorial or Gravestone. Watson Memorials provides a thorough and professional Cleaning and Restoration Service.

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